I'm a Junior Research Fellow of Churchill College, Cambridge, and a member of the Behavioural Ecology Research Group. I research dietary decision making in songbirds. My work is funded by the British Ecological Society and The Royal Society.

Before arriving at Cambridge, I was a NERC-funded postdoctoral research associate at the University of Glasgow, where I investigated the evolution of masquerade: that's when animals mimic the appearance of inanimate objects such as twigs and leaves. And before that, I did a postdoc at the University of Liverpool, researching the evolution of mimicry.

In 2007 I completed my PhD, entitled "The visual and behavioural ecology of countershading and other defences", at the University of Liverpool. I studied wild free-living birds in the field, and captive wild-caught birds in aviary experiments - the Novel World [video] system at the University of Jyvaskyla. I published four papers from my thesis, with one in Nature (Rowland et al., 2007 ), and received two prizes: the Thomas Henry Huxley Award from the Zoological Society of London (for best zoology thesis in the UK), and the Alfred Russel Wallace Award from the Royal Entomological Society (for best entomology thesis).

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  1. Hey Hannah,

    I'm very pleased you've started an Animal Behaviour podcast. I'm a regular subscriber to the Nature and Science podcasts, but sometimes want a bit more focus on my (our) field. I've downloaded all the available podcasts so far, and will listen to them on my next cycle to work (or perhaps while doing the dishes). Just one thing from reading the mini-description of each episode: it's all about vertebrates! Pah! As you come from a vertebrate background, perhaps you might consciously have to make an effort to include invertebrate content as well.

    Once again well done on starting this podcast,

    all the best,

    Tommy Czaczkes

  2. I am a huge fan of your podcast! Thank you for creating it! I can't wait for more in 2016!

    1. Thanks! I'm starting up with new episodes this month :-)

    2. Oh I am so relieved! I thought you may have stopped the podcast and was so worried. When will the new episodes start coming out? Thanks!

    3. Hi Shaylin,

      I took a few ;-) months longer than I'd planned - there is a new episode for October 2017 now available. I hope that you enjoy it!

  3. Hi Hannah,

    I'm in my third year of a double major in animal science and zoology, and have fallen in love with your podcast. A few of your speakers have been my lecturers, and you've mentioned the names of other lecturers!

    I noticed that your last podcast was released over a year ago (with my lecturer Kate Umbers as a guest). Are you planning to release anymore episodes? I'd absolutely love to hear more!

    1. Hi Natalie,

      Thanks so much for the generous comment. I've now started up the second series, and am happy to be back with new episodes. I hope that you enjoy them!



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