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Jan 2014: Lesley Morrell, prairie dogs, and stinky parrots

This month, I speak to Milla Mihailova from Deakin University in Australia, who tells me about parrots with a particularly pungent stench. I get up close and personal with some black tailed prairie dogs, to find out why they can’t help following the leader. And, in the Scientific Spark I ask Lesley Morrell (@biosciencemum), from the University of Hull what made her want to be a biologist, and how she came to work on why animals live in groups, rather than enjoying the single life.

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A black-tailed prairie dog jump-yipping. Credit: Darlene Stack

Milla Mihailova's webpage
Prairie dog paper
Jim Hare's personal webpage
Lesley Morrell's University webpage
Monday 20 January 2014
Posted by Hannah

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