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Oct 2014: Ben Sheldon, rock goby camouflage, and lizard imitation

Professor Ben Sheldon, who is the Luc Hoffman Chair of field ornithology and director of the Edward Grey Institute of field ornithology at the University of Oxford tells me what sparked his interest in birds and gives advice to young scientists. Alice Lown tells me about an unassuming little fish commonly found in rock pools around Britain, that is a master of camouflage. I discover that imitation isn’t just the highest form of flattery, but is also an indicator of an animal’s learning prowess.

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Three individuals are shown on the left having been placed on a black background, and then the same individuals are shown on the right after being on a white background.

Alice Lown's research page
Alice Lown's paper
Anna Wilkinson's paper
Ben Sheldon's research page
Tuesday 18 November 2014
Posted by Hannah

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